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Running at the Beach

Injury Prevention & Physical Therapy



At RAKI we provide a concierge service that is tailored to you.  Dr. Patrick and Dr. Katie O'Rourke , (former D1 athlete at Belmont University Women's Volleyball) are here to service you.  This is a husband and wife duo that cares specifically about YOU!

  • Have you been hurt and need to fix an injury?

  • Want to build strength and jump higher? 

  • Are you a parent that wants to work out during your child's lesson?

We would first do a screening to see what you need and then the fun begins!!

Fitness Class

What We Do

Injury Prevention

Want to avoid pesky injuries that everyone in your sport seems to get? We create a program that helps you stay healthy and able to compete at full strength

Physical Therapy

Do you have an injury that is holding you back?

We combine sport specific rehab and physical therapy to help you back to feeling strong with no pain! 

Strength & performance

Want to jump higher, move faster and be faster?

We can help you accomplish your goals :)

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