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About the RAKI Program

Ashley Lee-Maldonado displayed a natural talent for sports at a very young age, excelling in various disciplines. However, it was volleyball that captured her heart and she began playing competitively during her high school years. Ashley's prowess on the court (indoor and beach) earned her a prestigious scholarship to college and afforded her to hone in on her skillset under top-tier coaching. Throughout her college career, Ashley's exceptional performance garnered attention from professional leagues and soon joined the ranks of elite volleyball players. As Ashley's career soared, she recognized the value of community and mentorship in her own journey. 


Ashley started coaching lessons when she was just 17 years old! But after returning from playing professionally overseas, RAKI VB was born out of a passion for volleyball and a desire to create an inclusive space for players to come together and develop their skill set. This program was built on the core principles of community, education, and empowerment. Because of all of the trials and tribulations Ashley experienced throughout her vast volleyball career, she highly recommends RAKI athletes be on a weekly recurring schedule on a rotation of coaches. We know it can be jarring but by taking small steps out of her comfort zone and learning from different coaches, it only helped Ashley become a more pliant athlete. Coaches took notice how flexible yet skilled she was and therefore got her more court time.  Ashley ha------

RAKI VB is dedicated to serving the volleyball world by giving high quality lessons while fostering a vibrant community of athletes, coaches, and support systems on a global scale. With a mission to provide valuable resources, safe spaces for players to explore their skill set, and upholding a supportive network, RAKI VB has become a go-to family run service for anyone looking to up their game.

RAKI VB boasts an extensive library of (resources), catering to players of all skill levels and ages--- from beginners who are picking up a volleyball for the very first time to professional athletes on their off-season and everyone in between. The RAKI Program tailors lessons to each individual athlete. We cover a wide range of skills including serving, setting, attacking, hitting, and blocking. Coaches and players alike can find value in the RAKI Program to enhance their performance on and off the court. We are in it for the long haul! We want to be a part of your journey and we know how much of this sport is the mental aspect! Which is why we also offer mentality training! Whether you're panicked before a game, tournament, or tryout, we want to help you through it all, because we've ALSO been through it all. We recognize that being an athlete is very nuanced; It requires a lot of balance between work, school, personal life, and the sport itself. 

At the heart of RAKI VB is our community members. Here, players and coaches can come together and share their experiences, seek advice, and forge new friendships. The community aspect of the #RAKIFam has proven instrumental in uniting like-minded athletes, cultivating fellowship, and creating a sense of belonging within the volleyball world. Beyond her achievements on the court, Ashley is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She is actively involved in promoting youth volleyball programs, encouraging young athletes to pursue their dreams, regardless of their backgrounds or shape/size. Moreover, she advocates for gender equality in sports, aiming to break down barriers and create more opportunities for women in volleyball.

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