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Lesson Information

Hi there!! Have questions?  We are here to answer them!  All lessons are tailored specifically to the athletes needs.   We offer private and semi private lessons.

Private lessons: 1 on 1

Semi private lessons: 2-3 athletes that you bring. We recommend a private before a semi.

 Do you ever have a hard time at club asking a question?

Every athlete has questions and being on a team of

12 makes it almost impossible to ask a question. 


Every athlete/parent cares and has questions: 

  1. Is volleyball for me/my child? 

  2. I'm struggling because my last coach mentally broke me down! How do I get out of this funk?

  3. Which club is the best? 

  4. The coach is really mean, what do I do?

  5. Should we play on a higher team even if she's on the bench?

  6. Can my child make it to the next level? 

  7. Play in college? 

  8. Recruiting?

We are here for what you need! We use a positive coaching style and are here to be your personal mentor, advisor and friend alongside your volleyball journey. This hour is fully dedicated to you.

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