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Semi Private Lessons

It's always fun to train with teammates! Semi privates are great to work on skills and communication with others. We recommend a private lesson first but it is completely up to you!


Semi privates are $130 for 2 returners.  We will have "add-ons" so you can click the ones that apply to you and your lesson.  You are in charge of finding an athlete(s) to do a semi-private :)


Returners=$65 each

New members=$75 and comes with a RAKI shirt

We use a positive coaching style and work closely with you to mentor you and get you closer to your goals. 

1. Talk to us!

2. Tell us what you need!


This is so much more than just a lesson!  We are here for you as a personal mentor, advisor and friend alongside your volleyball journey. 

We are here for what you need! 
This hour is fully dedicated to you.

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail" -John Wooden



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