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What RAKI Volleyball Offers


Private Lessons

Every lesson is fully dedicated to you! 

1 hour of specifically tailored training to your needs. 

We use a positive coaching style and work closely with you to best mentor you and get you closer to your goals.

1. Talk to us!

2. Tell us what YOU need!

3. Get specific!





Duration: 1 hour

# of athletes: 1

New Athletes: +$25 Registration Fee

Please click "add ons" that apply


Semi Private Lessons

We recommend a private lesson first but it's always fun to train with teammates!


Semi-privates are great for when you want to work on skills AND communication/connection with other players.


*Please note that you would need to bring in a teammate as we don't partner athletes up.*





Duration: 1 hour

# of athletes: 2+

New Athletes: +$25 Registration Fee

Please click "add ons" that apply

Sand Texture

Beach Volleyball 

Come train with us on our private beach court at Surfside Beach.  A combination of indoor and beach lessons will bring your game to the next level.

Beach is a completely different game than indoor volleyball. It will challenge you physically and mentally.  We welcome all ages and skill levels 

We love working with even numbers of people. A group of 4 is ideal but we have drills for all.

Duration: 1 hour

# of athletes: 1-4+

New Athletes: +$25 Registration Fee

Please click "add ons" that apply

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with RAKI Owner,

Ashley Lee-Maldonado

A lot of you have questions or need advice on things like:

➤ What club team should my child go to?
➤ Should parents talk to their coaches?
➤ What should I expect for high school tryouts?
➤ I feel lost and don't really know what to do. Can you help us?
➤ Is this normal for college recruits?

I love talking to you at the gym but it's only for a couple of minutes between lessons or water breaks.  I want to give you the opportunity to schedule a call and ask me anything you need.  Have your questions ready! Fill out the consultation form so there's no time wasted and we can get right to it!



Recurring Schedules


Want to get better, faster?

We highly recommend a weekly recurring schedule on a rotation of coaches. Our RAKI Athletes have noticed faster improvement in their

skill set and a boost in their

confidence when they are regularly working with our coaching team.  Head over to the coaches page to see full bios!

Click on the button above to let us know what days and times

work best with you!

Our admin will reach back out with a tentative schedule for approval.

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