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Mindset Training

Creating a culture to carry with you through life


Learn from from the experiences of our team of Olympians and professionals.

"Back in college I felt so lost! There were so many uncertainties! I wanted someone to talk to and to confide in!" -Ashley Lee-Maldonado

  • Do you struggle with confidence and knowing what to do in certain situations?

  • Your coach yelled at you and you don't understand? 

  • You have been working super hard but are put on the bench?

  • At times you wonder why you are playing volleyball? 

  • Recruiting process overwhelming you because you don't know what is going on?

Check our team out below

Meet The Team

lindsey berg.jpg

Lindsey Napela Berg

3 x Indoor Volleyball Olympian


2 x Olympic Silver Medalist  


2x Olympic Team Captain


Founder of The Cuore Project


Ashley Lee-Maldonado

Ash Bio


Haleigh Washington

Haleigh bio

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