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RAKI Policies




Your lessons are very important to the RÄKI team. The time is reserved especially for you to work on whatever YOU need to become a Full Athlete! We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. Therefore, we respectfully request at least a 72-hour notice for cancellations. Any cancellation made less than 72 hours in advance will result in a cancellation fee.

  • You can cancel 72 hours in advance with no fee.

  • Rescheduling 48 hours in advance will result in a $25 fee.

  • Cancellations/Rescheduling within 24 hours will result in the full fee.

  • NO SHOWS will result in the full fee.



We will try our best to accommodate you if you’re running behind, stuck in traffic, lost, etc. Athletes will generally be allowed a 10-minute grace period. After that time, you may have to forgo parts of the lesson in order to keep it within the time allotted for you OR reschedule your appointment for a different time, which will result in a cancellation fee.



We always want you to be 100% satisfied with your lesson. If you are not 100% satisfied, we ask that you contact us within 3 days of your lesson so that we may schedule you to come back in. Concerns reported longer than 3 days will be assessed on a case by case basis.



This is a policy that we put in place after consulting athletes and parents spring of 2022. So far, the athletes have really enjoyed having the space to take ownership of their lessons in the gym without parents.  We absolutely LOVE meeting the parents and getting to know your family, so feel free to come the first and last 10 minutes of the lesson.  Enjoy your ME time :)  

What our athletes are saying:

We surveyed 523 athletes and asked "Do you like when your parents watch practice?" 

67% Mmm Rather not

We were curious and asked on Instagram: "Why don't you like your parents in the gym at practice?

They compare me to other players

They give unwanted input on the car ride home

They are too loud and judgmental

There is a lot of pressure to perform well in front of them

I hate when they say something if you don't make a hit over the net but yet they've never played

I focus better when they aren't there (I don't worry about what they think)

Less people involved means more focus

I feel pressured to do well in front of my parents and prefer them watch real games

They'll critique me during the lesson and it makes me get in my head

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