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  • I just booked my lesson! Do I need to do anything else?
    YES! Be sure to read your email all the way through and watch the directions video! (our HB gym can be hard to find the first time around!) You must register for an account before your lesson; instructions are included in your email. Also, we CANNOT start your lesson until your registration form is completed, you may update/edit your form also through your booking email. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to our text support team (949) 614-2081; our office hours are Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm.
  • Can I cancel my lesson?
    Sure can! We know your time is valuable and ours is too. Out of respect for our staff and our other athletes, we kindly ask that you give at least a 72 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson. You can cancel/reschedule 72 hours in advance with no fee. Anything after, will result in the full fee. No Shows will result in the full fee. *Please cancel/reschedule through your account. Refund Policy All sales are final. RAKI does not offer refunds but we can exchange for RAKI Credit for any future lessons. Clinics are non-transferrable to credit. But it's the weekend!! Can I still cancel?? If you are within the cancelation policy, you may cancel through your account. Waiting until our office is open may push you out of the policy limits and therefore you may result in paying the full fee. Make sure it's by the 72 hours policy. Our full cancellation policy is in your booking and reminder emails and available on our website.
  • What are your hours?
    Gym Hours: 7 days a week Weekdays: all day Saturdays: 8am - 2pm Sundays: 2pm - 8pm Office Hours: (949) 614 - 2081 Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm *if you need help booking a lesson or have any questions and would like to speak with someone, text for the quickest response!
  • How and when should I pay?
    Payments are required to finalize your booking. Unless you booked online, ALL payments are due at the time of booking, otherwise your lesson has not been finalized. You can pay for your lesson through your booking/reminder emails. If you book online: you will pay with your credit card during checkout. If you book over the phone: you will be in charge of completing your payment immediately to secure your spot. You will have 24 hours to complete your payment. If you fail to pay for your lesson at the time of booking, you risk losing your slot or incurring a late payment fee of $10.
  • Why should we go to RAKI and not someone else?
    We think there are so many great coaches out there and you should find the right fit!! At RAKI, we do lessons almost 365 days of the year (minus major holidays). Lessons are our masterpiece! Our pride and joy is seeing you grow into the athletes you dream to be. We ARE NOT a club and our everyday focus is on helping each athlete through their unique volleyball journey. We ARE NOT here to judge but to meet you wherever you are at on any given day. Our athletes love that they can explore their strengths and master their weaknesses without the fear of losing on playing time. We have worked with a broad range of athletes and have had over 60 commitments! We have worked and continue to work with all ages, levels, body types, mentalities, you name it. Each lesson is specifically tailored to you! So whether this is the first year you're picking up a volleyball or are headed to play collegiately or are an adult athlete dusting off the gym bag, RAKI is the place for you (: You are NOT just a transaction and this is NOT just a lesson! We are very dedicated and are here for your volleyball and life journey!!
  • How many lessons should I do?
    It's totally up to you! We recommend to get on a weekly schedule! We see the most improvement in our athletes that come in at least once a week. The consistency allows us to help plan out your journey to reach your goals. You will see tremendous improvement when you are on a schedule versus having one-off lessons here and there. If you have tryouts/tournaments coming up or anything else with high stakes, we suggest ramping up on lessons so that you feel confident going in. Need help with timing? Struggling with nerves? Talk to us and let us help! During these times, athletes will usually do 2+ lessons a week. Holidays/Breaks: Take advantage and get your lessons in! We love having our out-of-towners come and get as many lessons in before going back home. This is a really good time to put in the work! It keeps you exercising, confident, and practiced up for when you go back to club or school volleyball.
  • How do I book a lesson?
    It's super easy! You can book online or text the support team at (949) 614 - 2081. (Our office hours are open Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm). If you book online, book here: If you text us, please include: Your full name Athlete's full name Best days/times that work for you
  • Wow lessons are pricey! I wasn't expecting that! Can you tell me more?
    We are very confident in what we do. We dedicate lots of time mastering our craft and everyone at RAKI is passionate about what they do! (from schedulers and operations, to coaches and the actual lesson) RAKI is an investment and we always want the best for you, your son/daughter/family, and really just the well being of a young athlete and what they have to go through throughout their career. If you are ever unhappy with your lesson, please reach out at (949) 614-2081 or email us at
  • I LOVED my lesson! I want to do more! What do I do next?
    OMG YES!! Let's get you on a schedule!! Our athletes see the best results when they're in our gym 1x a week! If you'd like to do more just let us know :) Feel free to book your next lesson online: Or if you're interested in a weekly schedule, text us the best days and times for you to come in at (949) 614 - 2081 during Monday - Friday between 10am - 4pm.
  • Do you offer semi privates?
    Yes we do! You are in charge of bringing in another teammate. A semi-private is 2 athletes with 1 coach. This is very different than a 1-on-1 lesson where you work strictly on what you want to work on. So, it is important that the person you bring aligns with your goals and skill level. For example, if you are a setter and want to set a hitter but the person you bring is not a good hitter then would you really be getting what you want out of the lesson? Or if you are driven and you bring someone who is not... this could bring your game down or distract you. For semi's we suggest that you always strive to bring someone that will push you to be better. We absolutely love semi-privates when they make sense and benefit both athletes!
  • I can't find the gym!! How do I get there? Where do I park?
    A directions video is included in your booking and reminder emails. Watch the directions video before coming to lessons. You can also check out our "Directions" tab on our website. The entrance to the RAKI gym can be located on PCH x Main. There is free 90-minute parking in the parking garage on 3rd and Walnut or there's street parking.
  • Help! I'm at the door and the door is locked! What do I do?
    No worries!! If you booked a lesson, you should've received a reminder email 48 hours prior to your lesson and a reminder text 24 hours prior. Our coaches are expecting you! They're either finishing up a lesson or you're the first lesson of the day and you've beat them to the door. Sit tight, they'll be right there :)
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