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RAKI Opening Instructions: Lock Box | Huntington Beach

Park in the parking garage at the corner of Walnut Ave and 3rd St.  It’s 90 minutes free.


320 Walnut Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


The lock box is located in the parking garage across the street from where you parked (towards the ocean/PCH/gym) on Walnut. This is the parking garage that is attached to the RAKI gym. You’re welcome to park there; however it isn’t 90-minutes free.


Enter the parking garage by walking through the “DO NOT ENTER” driveway. Be careful for any exiting cars. Walk past the parking attendant kiosk on the right hand side. Behind the kiosk where cars park, there will be two (2) locks located on the poles attached to the vents near the "Head In Only" signs written in red. RAKI'S LOCK BOX is the second one. The one further away from the kiosk. *Please note: in the video below, our lock box has a RAKI sticker. That sticker is no longer on our lock box for safety purposes. The code is 2718. Make sure to scramble the numbers upon closing.

When opening the gym doors:

For the 1st door, use the physical key and turn it to the left. For the 2nd door, use the key card/fob.

RULE OF THUMB: *if you took the key out, then you put the key away.* As a reminder, per your coaches contract: If we lose a key, the building charges us a minimum of $200. If you lose a key, you will be responsible for half the fee. You can make this up over lessons going forward. If you have lessons scheduled, we will withhold a portion of the fee over your next pay period.

Any issues, concerns, etc. accessing the key or entering the gym, please contact Ashley directly on her personal line at (626) 487-3950.

Helpful Videos:


RAKI Locker Instructions:
Huntington Beach

RAKI's locker is to the right of the two handicap lockers. 3rd locker in from the left. The code is 9898. Make sure to scramble the numbers upon closing.


All orders placed online will be stored in this locker. If Ashley needs to pass something onto you, it will also be stored here.


RAKI new-member shirts will be stored in the ball cart. When new-member shirts are getting low or we ran out of a certain size, please notify Ashley immediately via text.

Any issues, concerns, etc., please contact Ashley directly on her personal line at (626) 487-3950.

HB RAKI Locker Instructions .png
Seal Beach

RAKI Opening & Closing Instructions:  Seal Beach

(Big AIM Sports Group, 10 court)

There is ample free parking on site: 1709 Apollo Ct, Seal Beach, CA 90740

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 5.21.00 PM.png

The facility will be open during the times where we have lessons so there is no need to access any lockbox. AIM is open 8am-10pm, 7 days a week. Any issues, concerns, etc. entering the gym, please contact Ashley directly on her personal line at (626) 487-3950.

Enter through the entrance doors and the storage room is on the right. (see video down below for reference).

There are 48 balls, 3 carts, and a ball cage located in the gym. 16 balls in each cart.

IMPORTANT: Count the number of balls you take out (pro tip: text yourself this number so you don't need to keep a mental count!) and make sure to put them back at the end of your lessons. ALL equipment goes back in the storage room.

Helpful Video: re: storage room

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